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When in Lk 5:4, Peter responds to Jesus: “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything”, we understand that he is saying: “with all my wisdom, my tecnique, my gifts, I could get nothing”. He acknowledges that he is dependent on the Lord and he wants to be obedient to the will of the Master. However when he completes the sentence: “But at your word I will lower the nets”, he sees the miracle happen: the Miraculous fishing; and he finds peace, the fruit of obedience. Here is our charisma: to move forward «Mar a Dentro» as disciples and ministers of Obedience and Peace.

In obedience, we find the peace that comes not from accomplishing something by our own will, but which is the fruit of love for God and the certainty of obeying the will of Him who sent us to do so (Rule of Life, 150a). This love leads us to the ocean of mercy of Christ’s heart, and impels us, in accordance with our charisma, to go out to meet others, especially those most in need of a real and constant proclamation of the Good News (Rule of Life, 13).

We are convinced that the Lord is the One who propels us, who puts us in motion. So it is not with technique, or personal capacity, or our own will that we carry out our mission, but with listening and trusting obedience to His will, manifested in the Word of God and the Church Magisterium. This listening, this constant search to understand the Will of God, can only reach its goal if we seek to cultivate in us the same feelings of Christ (cf. Phil 2:5), we must imitate Him: He is Obedience, He is Peace! (cf. Eph 2:14)

The Charisma «Mar a Dentro» therefore wants to contribute to building the Body of Christ and the Church’s mission in the world. It exists for the Church, and it stands in faithful submission to enrich the Church with their novelty. In our «Mar a Dentro» Charisma, which due to its origin is wide and open, we note three services that stand out most in our missions: training, intercession and welcoming.

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