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Meeting of Life and Alliance Comunity

The Community «Mar a Dentro» is organized into two branches: Life Community and Alliance Community. The Life Community is formed exclusively of celibates, lay people and clergy, who are dedicated to the mission in every home community. The Alliance Community is made up of lay people who participate in the Charisma «Mar a Dentro», who sanctify the world through their work, family life and everyday life.

The members of the Life Community profess vows of obedience, poverty and chastity in celibacy, while the members of the Alliance make promises that are renewed annually.

Today, the Community is governed by the Founder and General Moderator who is assisted by the Vice General Moderator, the General Counsel, as well as four Auxiliary Moderators, one for each forms expression of the community: the clergy, the consecrated men, the consecrated women, and the lay people of the Alliance Community.

Each Mission House of the Life Community is governed by a local superior and assisted by a local teacher and a treasurer. In the missions where both the Life Community and the Alliance Community are present, the Local Coordinator of the Alliance will report to the Local Superior of the Life Community.

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